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pp December 16, 2002 10:33

Hi STAR users,

In whant to know in what format STAR write volume mesh and nodes defined on BC surfaces. What is a extension of that file-s in STAR directory.


Kwenda Lino Merkel Lima February 17, 2003 16:24

Re: Mesh
I am academical student come for this half somebody to be seen it gets me to explain some more precisely doubts that I have in the STAR-CD, in PROAM. He/she thanked your attention. My problem is that I don't get to build meshes with sub-domains, in other words, I have a box (static domain) and inside of this I have a cylinder (movable domain). Inside of the cylinder (movable domain) she is a candle. My problem is that PROAM makes the mesh among the box (static domain) and the cylinder (movable domain) but she doesn't do between the cylinder and the candle. How is it that should proceed? Thank you for your attention, good work.

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