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Leo February 6, 2003 16:37

get vertices file
I can list the vertices, but I can't copy or print it out in Unix system. Could I get the vertices file printed? It will inculde the vertices number and x y z location. Thanks.

Dino February 6, 2003 18:47

Re: get vertices file

in the above command, replace star with your casename.

leo February 6, 2003 19:16

Re: get vertices file
Thanks. It gives me all the vertices locations. If I just want the vertices file of selected vertices. How could I do that? When I first selected some vertices and use the command, it still give me all the vertices.


Joern Beilke February 6, 2003 19:39

Re: get vertices file
have a look at the "vwrite" command.

vwri ,file.vrt , vset should do what you want

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