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Moon February 9, 2003 22:14

Use Subroutine..
I want to use modified K-e model.. There isn't modified k-e model in STAR-CD turbulence model... What I need to use modified k-e model..

If you have source of subroutine..plese send me..


My e-mail address :

cjtune February 10, 2003 13:03

Re: Use Subroutine..
You can try the quadratic and cubic variants for the k-e model. There's also the Chen and RNG variants. If you get bored, there's also the k-W, Suga, Spalart-Almaras models but you'll have to activate it using switches -activating these 'beta' turbulence models is detailed in the supplementary notes that came with your STAR-CD installation CDs. If you want to PROGRAM your own two-equation turb model for STAR-CD, then maybe you ought to talk to their support directly.

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