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leo February 12, 2003 17:24

transient problem
I have some question about transient problem about moving grid. I set time step as 1e-4 s. I let it run from time step 1 to 2, so I can get the result of at time 2e-4 s. If I want the result at 3e-4 s, do I need to run from time step 1 to 3 or could I use the result of time 2e-4s. On the advanced transient module, there is connect option, what does it means?


cjtune February 12, 2003 22:31

Re: transient problem
You must run the third time step to get results at T=3E-4 s. You can do a restart run of just 1 time step if you already have run for the previous two time steps.

The 'connect' option in the loads an already existing transient file (.trns) or use the command TRFI. If you don't already have one, you should 'initialize' instead. The user guide details the usage of the transient module, but in a nutshell, it is to facilitate the changing of the values and even the types of boundaries at predetermined times within a transient simulation.

leo February 13, 2003 00:21

Re: transient problem
Thanks. Could you tell me how to do a restart run of 1 time step if I have run for the previous two time steps. I should use .trns or .pst to restart, or use 'connect'.

cjtune February 13, 2003 02:28

Re: transient problem
Connect back the events and transient files (EVFI CONN and TRFI CONN), select to do a 'Standard restart', save the problem file, close ProSTAR (because running a moving mesh case requires one ProSTAR license to be available), pmovlink, starlink, run the executable. Basically the same thing as getting it to run for the first time.

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