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massimo February 14, 2003 07:13

heat flux
Hello, I'd like to display the heat flux but I have found two different errors:

1)the first is: wall data are not in data file.

2)the second is: when I display the heat flux, the values are zero in all points.


Thank you in advance. Massimo

Marc February 14, 2003 09:29

Re: heat flux
Hi Massimo,
1) Did you define the post output for walls (analysis output) ?
use POWALL,y,y,n (First y is for Wall Forces, second for heat and mass transfer)
2) Clear 1) and recalculate. That should solve your problem.
Greetings, Marc

massimo February 14, 2003 10:40

Re: heat flux
thank you for your help. I have followed this procedure:

-starguide,analysis output,heat and mass transfer on.

-standard restart with 0 iteration. When the restart run is stopped:

-load static post file

-get wall data (heat flux)

Is all right? Bye

N.B.:is important, at analysis output-print data, select "all cells"?

Marc February 17, 2003 07:01

Re: heat flux
you can choose the output to be printed or included into post file. POWALL,y,y,n should be the command, what was executed. You can check that in your .echo file. You do not need to select "Print data" at all. If you do, you may get a pretty big file.
Greetings, Marc

massimo February 17, 2003 14:20

Re: heat flux
Thank you for your help, now I can display the heat flux. Bye

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