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giosue February 19, 2003 04:43

some video troubles...
hi... I'm using Prostar windows 2000 version and i got some troubles with grafical interface... I'm using it in OpenGL mode to obtani best performance with my nvidia Quadro 4 750XGL 128 mb... The Xserver I use is SCO XVision, provided to me directly from Adapco. I'm already using the option "Backing Store" but without result. The problems are: the legend is difficult to read cause the text is compressed, when I open a menu the plot window result corrupted so I have to refresh the screen frequently, when I select a cell or a vertex by cursor select the plot image is corrupted again... Does anybody have suggestion about that ? Thanks

Leo February 19, 2003 09:44

Re: some video troubles...
Do you have the same problem when you use Motif for your graphics driver setteing?

cjtune February 19, 2003 11:03

Re: some video troubles...
I prefer to run ProSTAR on X-Motif rather than OpenGL due to problems that are similar to yours -experienced both on Linux and Windows. OpenGL mode is noticibly faster than XM but only marginally -most of the display calculations is still handle by the CPU anyhow. I'm using a lowly GeForce MX400. I hope you bought your Quadro for some CAD software and not solely for use with ProSTAR...

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