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giosue February 20, 2003 09:44

copy and paste....
Another question.... I'have a computational domain in which is possible to identify a single entity repeating 3 times. I generated the first, does anybody knows how can I repeat it and attach it to the firstone? thank...

cjtune February 20, 2003 12:34

Re: copy and paste....
Try using the command CGEN. Supplying it with the correct range of cells, vertex offset, and coordinate offsets, you can copy and paste a block of cells. You need to specify its last parameter to 'create vertices'. Put it within a loop that also increments the cell number range and I think you can copy and paste n times. To attach all of them together, try merging vertices or creating couples -CGEN won't automatically bind them together for you.

Murali February 20, 2003 13:24

Copy / Move
<font face = "Courier New">

To copy:

The command CGEN creates as many copies as you want in whatever location. You can also reflect the cells through CGEN. U can use the following code:

*get mxv1 mxve ! Obtain the maximum vertex number

CSET NEWS ..... ! Put the cells you want to copy in the cset

CGEN, 2, mxv1 + 1,CSET,,,VGEN,1,xoff,yoff,zoff ! where xoff, yoff and zoff are the various offsets you want to use for creating the cells. 2 is the number of sets you generate "including" the original set. Hence using the number 2 you generate 1 copy of the original cells.

To move:

Sometimes without copying you just want to move a set of cells. As fas as I know this cannot be achieved by the command CGEN. Use VGEN:

CSET NEWS ..... ! Put the cells you want to copy in the cset

VSET NEWS CSET ! Make new vset with the vertices of cset

VGEN, 2, 0,VSET,,,xoff,yoff,zoff ! xoff, yoff and zoff are similar to the one mentioned above


giosue March 3, 2003 06:16

Re: Copy / Move
Thank Murali... but I'm trying to use the command cgen as you mentioned above but the problem is that I have problem when I try to replicate my cset ten times about, it results in corrupted cells like cubist sculpture mmmmhh... insted of the number of copy is little (4,5)everything is Ok!!! Does anybody have suggestions?

cjtune March 3, 2003 11:42

Re: Copy / Move
Check your offset vertex number supplied to CGEN. Should be the max used vertex number (eg. vertex no. 35676 is the last vertex on the vlist for all vertices, then 35676 is your vertex number offset to use).

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