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Moon February 21, 2003 03:07

Relaxation factor
Hi all !! I have a problem about Relaxation factor. In solver parameter of STAR GUIde, the default value of relaxation factor is 0.7(umom,vmom,wmom),0.2(pressure),0.7(turb KE, turb Diss). If i cut down or raise the value of relaxation factor, is it influence on convergence? My model is axial fan. What value of relaxation factor is profit to my model?

Birute June 13, 2003 11:13

Re: Relaxation factor
Hi! You can cut down for velocities (first number). If your solution will diverge, you can play with pressure (cut down). Another values can be as default. If you will make it realy low, it will take much more time and iterations to complete calculations. Good luck! Birute

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