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Jannet February 22, 2003 08:17

Moving Mesh - ASI Off

I have a 2D model with moving meshes (ASI interface). All boundary regions, conditions, and meshes are correct (checked visually and using the incorporated StarCD checks). I then wrote the geometry and prob files with no probs. Then, went to command window and did PMOV LINK and STAR LINK, all okay except for a warning to increase some parameters in Afterwhich, the program manages to run. HOWEVER, only giving zero values..

After opening and files, I found that ASI rematching is switched off. Why is this so when I followed all the commands from tutorial 7?

PLease help... answer urgently needed....

Thanks so much, Jannet

Zhani February 22, 2003 21:18

Re: Moving Mesh - ASI Off

Briefly, look at the solution from the .pstt file to get more information on whether the ASI is actually working or not. A section plot through the model with a CPLOT for each saved result will help determine this - if a line exists between static/moving parts that should be joined then its means that ASI is not working for you. A correctly joined ASI will show no line.

Please also look at the velocity flow solution - seeing zeroes in the run file could mean that you didn't specify the boundary conditions correctly. If the mesh isn't moving at all, then check your change grid file - maybe your commands are not correctly defined to perform the movement you expected.

If all of the above looks ok, then delete your events files (.evn, .evt) and re-define the events, including the ASI ones and double check the master/ slave boundary count for attach boundaries. Also, just for safety, use different attach boundary regions if you have more than one coupled area in your mesh.

azmir May 14, 2003 03:12

Re: Moving Mesh - ASI and HPC related problem
Hello all! Related to ASI and HPC, I am having a problem also when submitting for parallel processing -- but not ASI "off" error msg as in Zhani's case. ProHPC gave error msg "this version cannot decompose ASI events..." or something like that. I'm using Prostar 3.15. So, my questions are: a) How to submit parallel processing for a CFD problem with ASI events? (Step by step if you will). b) How to make sure the EOSLIDE commands have fully satisfied/matched all attached BCs. (I've seen that by playing around with EOSLIDE command different offset values generated different number of total match ASI). The manual says EOSLIDE command is totally up to user's respnsibility -- big help! Is there any way to make sure that our EOSLIDE commands have completely matched all cells on the attach BCs? c) Lastly, how would the results from an ASI events and a non-ASI events COMPARE for transient moving mesh problem? Has anyone investigated/experienced this?

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