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Jiaying Xu February 24, 2003 07:01

View the initialisation field - how?
I remember there is a way to visulize the initilised flow field, by specified a zero-step (or one-step?) iteration then use prostar post-processing panel to view the field.

But today whenever I set iteration number to 0, or 1, or a small number, I seem not able to load the data during post-processing (always get "**WARNING - NO ITEMS SELECTED FOR PLOTTING" error.)

I am guessing I need to turn on some options to dump velocity, temperature, etc to .pst file. However, the User Guide lists many options, but just not saying what option will dump data to which file (From my experience, turning on some option will dump data into .info file, some into .erd file, some into .run file, some into .pst file -- What for which is just not clear).

I also set Solution Output Frequency to 1 but still no help (I suppose whatever the value is, the velocity and temperature field data should be stored in .pst file after the final iteration anyway, but this is not the case!)

Anyone please light me up? Thanks!


Jiaying Xu February 24, 2003 07:03

Re: View the initialisation field - how?
Forgot to mention that I am using STAR-CD v3.15a.

Zhani February 28, 2003 03:46

Re: View the initialisation field - how?
Hi Jiaying,

For a steady state calculation, specify the number of iterations to 0 in order to see the initial field solution. STAR automatically saves solution data for all variables that are being solved for - that is why there is no option in PROSTAR for unselecting solution data for steady state runs. When you run STAR, a .pst file will be created as normal.

Your warning message is not related to the solution file - it means that you have to hit Cell Plot instead of Replot in order to display something. When you write the geometry file in PROSTAR, it clears that part of the memory that stores the cell set. Therefore whenever you post process, your first plot must always be a Cell Plot (CPLOT) followed by either replots or cell plots thereafter. Try the following in order to see your initial field solution:


Jiaying Xu March 3, 2003 07:15

Re: View the initialisation field - how?
At the moment I am working on my own code to solve out the problem of partially cyclic B.C. implement (See my another post). Once I am back to STAR, I'll try this. Thanks a lot, Zhani.

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