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Kwenda February 26, 2003 13:41

I have two meshes, one among a box and a cylinder that it is supposed to be static and the other between this cylinder and another smaller cylinder, that he is inside of this, that supposedly corresponds to a movable mesh. My problem is that a disconnected exists among those two meshes, which are the steps that I have to give to solve such problem. I thank your released attention, thank you.

cjtune February 26, 2003 22:20

Re: Mesh
You need to declare 'ATTACH' boundaries on the two surfaces. Even so, the grid check will come up with 'crack' errors but you can ignore that -the separated surfaces will be matched dynamically during mesh movement as 'events', using the EVSL event, and subsequently the EMSL and ESSL commands.

If you haven't gone through it yet, you should try doing tutorial 7.2.

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