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Moon March 2, 2003 22:13

Double vertices
Hi all~ I have some problem with my model. My model has doble vertices. What I need to remove double vertices? Thank you.

Murali March 2, 2003 23:12

Re: Double vertices

cjtune March 2, 2003 23:38

Re: Double vertices
You can get rid of overlapping vertices by merging them using the command VMER. Usually just VMER VSET or VMER ALL (use the latter with caution).

Moon March 3, 2003 00:50

Re: Double vertices
I did vmer all. I did Check the double vertices, still remail errors. What's wrong with me?

Anton Lyaskin March 3, 2003 08:29

Re: Double vertices
May be you have badly defined prism cells? Check for CFLIP command.

Murali March 3, 2003 10:47

Re: Double vertices
<font face = "courier new">Moon:

I think the problem is with the tolerance. If you are working with mm, try a tolerance of 0.001 or lower. The default value is 0.0001

VMER VSET,,0.001

Murali </font>

Mark March 3, 2003 22:40

Re: Double vertices
thanks Murali, Cjtune and Anton Lyaskin for your advice. i'll try this out tonight.

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