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Bab April 7, 2003 04:46

Hi Everybody,

I'd like to run StarCd in a batch mode. Which means assuming that the mesh is ok, I can, by using a Script, - change some boundary conditions, - start StarCd - get some results.

Is that available with Star?

Thanks for your help. Bab

Achim April 7, 2003 15:29

Re: batch
Hi, save your .prob files with different filenames - for example case01.prob, case02.prob and so on. write a script that renames those files according to your mdl file, runs star and copies the .pst file according to your .prob prefix:

assuming your star executable is named star and your case name is case, something like this will do:

mv -f case01.prob case.prob



cp case.pst case01.pst

mv -f case02.prob case.prob



cp case.pst case02.pst

you should also save other files you need later on to check convergence etc.

Stefan April 8, 2003 01:48

Re: batch
use ''prostar -b''

Bab April 8, 2003 03:46

Re: batch
Thanks for your answer. I was thinking that an easier way was available.

For example, by using Fortran subroutines which calls data files for the boundary conditions. Use readbc.f which calls bc.dat.

In the script, out of star, U changes bc.dat at every step of the loop. The idea is to make all the changed things out of star.

Is that not ok? Do we have to compile star every step again? Compiling can also be done by the batch controler.

Thanks for your answer. Bab

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