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Steve Amphlett April 8, 2003 08:34

Does anyone (from the CD-Adapco community preferably) know the differenvr between the following:


My assumption (probably wrong) is that former will become obsolete, replaced by the latter. Anyone got any info?

- Steve

Paul April 8, 2003 09:08

It looks like the -port is all ready obsolete. I am running 3.103.521 on SGI. Here is what I get for the two options:

User1:100:>STAR_VERSION -a IRIX64_mips4

User1:101:>STAR_VERSION -port

Syntax error


-b print STAR-CD source config specification

-v print STAR-CD version

-i print intermediate release level ( a, b...)

-p print patch number (.001, .002...)

-D print baseline date

-a print STAR-CD architecture

-P print ProAM architecture

-r print operating system version

-F print FORTRAN release (f77/f90)

-f print FORTRAN version

-c print C compiler version

-h print this message

Steve Amphlett April 8, 2003 09:26


Thanks for the reply, but...

The -port is a new option that your old version doesn't support. The earliest instance of it I've detected is in v3150A.005. And starlink in that version and later (I'm up to v3150A.014 now) uses -port rather than -a to choose the platform type.

So I was wondering what the future plans were (for 3.2 and beyond).

steve April 9, 2003 17:39

I looked at the latest STAR_VERSION script in my $STARDIR/bin directory and it clearly states that a number of old options (including -a) are obsolete and being replaced by -port.

The -a option probably just did not give enough information. The -port gives what used to take a couple of commands all bound into 1 answer. I personally don't know why the switch.


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