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Moon April 10, 2003 07:13

spray injection.
Hi~ I have problems. First one is that I don't know void fraction in spray injection problem.

I have got the warning message when calculation started.

*** WARNING #016 *** VOID FRACTION OF CELL 123966 IS TOO LARGE - .451. IT IS SET TO - .400

what is void fraction? And how I control void fraction value??

Second problem is below message that I got the message when calculation start.

1527-097 A READ statment using decimal base input found the invalid digit '*' in the input file. the program will recover by assuming a zero in its place.

What is wrong with me?? I dont understand... Problems are very serious to me..

Please help me!!

Thank all~

Stefan May 5, 2003 03:12

Re: spray injection.
void fraction is the ratio of the cell volume occupied by the spray to the total cell volume. For Langrangian computations, this should be as small as possible, in Star-CD, a limit of 0.4 is set. So, if your void fraction is .45 Star-CD sets the computed value to 0.4. I don't know anything about the second warning message.

Thomas May 6, 2003 01:06

Re: spray injection.
The second message says, that in your .prob-file you have due to certain reasons '*' and not a number as expected.

try this: in prostar set the number of iterations to, lets say, 999999999999 (a very high number) and do a problem-write. when you then look at the file, you will see a '*' instead of 999999999999. the warning message now says, that star ignores the '*' and uses 0 as a numerical value.

hope this helps,


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