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Harichander April 28, 2003 14:58


Does anybody have an info on the new COMET code? How does it compare with the regular Star-CD solver?

Thnaks for your help!


Thomas April 29, 2003 01:35

Re: Comet
COMET was develeoped by Peric and his guys at ICCM. So it has a completely different solver than STAR-CD - what is quite good! I don't know if the solver gives you better solutions, i guess it's faster and much more robust than STAR-CD.

As a STAR-CD user you can ask CD for COMET. I guess it uses the same license-key, so you can test it without any extra costs.

cheers, thomas

Harichander April 29, 2003 18:18

Re: Comet
Thanks Thomas,

Do you know if it is part of the standard Star-CD interface or is it a completely seperate code? I heard that the GUI etc is quite bad...

Regards, Hari

Thomas May 5, 2003 01:14

Re: Comet
I am not quite sure! But I think the GUI has made a great step forward since they joined with Computational Dynamics.

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