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pc May 16, 2003 16:14

Problems at cd adapco?
Anyone know whats happening at cd adapco? At the start of the year a few of their people resigned, and now I heard that a lot were sacked, including the NA sales manager in Detroit. Whats going on?

Not_even_close May 18, 2003 08:17

Re: Problems at cd adapco?

tom May 19, 2003 05:50

Re: Problems at cd adapco?
more will probably resign, since everyone just got their pay cut.

Harichander May 19, 2003 16:16

Re: Problems at cd adapco?
I hope this is not true. I was planning to apply for a job at Adapco. My friend told me that Adapco was losing money but I did not believe him. Does anybody know what is going on?

Regards, Hari

hannes May 23, 2003 12:56

Re: Problems at cd adapco?
we thought about buying starcd, but took fluent because we did'nt know if cd had money problems. I think you must ask your salesman

. May 26, 2003 12:03

Re: Problems at cd adapco?
The NA sales manager in Detroit wasn't sacked--he resigned.

BeachComber May 27, 2003 10:10

Re: Problems at cd adapco?
Shakespeare: "... a rose by any other name..."

Joe May 29, 2003 10:22

Re: Problems at cd adapco?
You mean problem at Adapco? Cd and Adapco are still 2 different companies, and as far as I know, Adapco always has cash-flow problem (nothing new) while CD has been making healthy profit all years. Remember it's CD which developes STAR-CD.

googly May 29, 2003 14:10

Problems at CD-Adapco
I thought CD and Adapco are now one company with the president of Adapco looking after the whole organization.

It's Real Bad ! June 3, 2003 07:57

Re: Problems at cd adapco?

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