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Joel June 12, 2003 08:51

Xwindows config
Im running 3.15a on windows 2000 with sco xvision and my fond and things are all too big, any idea how to shrink them so that i can see what i am typing in instead of having to scroll all over the place?

CJ Tune June 12, 2003 23:52

Re: Xwindows config
Check your Vision/Fonts folder and see if there's a '75Dpi' folder. If not, copy it from another XVision installation or reinstall XVision to get that smaller font size. It seems that sometimes the installation screws up and forgets to install that font size.

kevin June 13, 2003 13:24

Re: Xwindows config
actually the xvision installer seems mildly brain damaged and will not install the 75dpi fonts if you choose the "typical" installation need to select the "custom" installation option and then manually select the 75dpi fonts...the star-cd installation notes specifically instruct you to use the custom installation option for xvision if you install it manually.

Joel June 25, 2003 05:22

Re: Xwindows config
i always find it funny that the main problem it seems with any engineering package (CAD, CFD, FEA) is never the package itself it is always the anoying little programmes that it requires to run around it (Xwindows and licence managers), these are the things that without fail break down and without fail take ages to fix because there is no logical explanation for them going tits up!!

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