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Juliet June 13, 2003 03:05

natural convection
i will simulate a natural convection by the diffrence of heat and concentration with star-cd, as you know, under natural convection, the energe or mass and momentum conversition equation must be caculated at the same time because of the couple of temperature and velocity , until now i don't know how to make subrutine and how to match it with star-cd. if someone know about this suject or did this invovled work, please contect me or tell me about it without hesitate. thank you!

Joern Beilke June 15, 2003 04:43

Re: natural convection
Why do you think that you need user coding for running a natural convection case? It should run without for most of the cases.

4xF June 16, 2003 07:24

Re: natural convection
I agree with Joern. You should define for your material in the folder Thermophysical models & properties -> Liquid & Gases -> Molecular Properties the density to vary according to the isobaric model (Boussinesq approximation) or have density at least as function of temperature (Ideal-f(T)). Then you will have the buoyancy effects you want to simulate (provided that you have switched the gravity on).

Vlad S June 17, 2003 04:03

Re: natural convection
Hi! Best of you will be completing Tutorial 10 at Pro-Star tutorials. RTFM! Man, I wish you good luck

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