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Micha July 9, 2003 11:14

graph transient post data at sensor point
Hi, I would like to graph temperature over time at a defined sensor point. Transient calculation is already done and pstt-file is available. I tried already commands gload and gtrans, but I must have an error in the syntax. There is always a message comming up saying "ERROR, Graph Register can't be greater than 7". Unfortunately information about graph transient data are quite spare in the manual. Can anyone give me the correct command syntax? Thanks. Micha

Pauli July 10, 2003 09:52

Re: graph transient post data at sensor point
The error message is telling you that you are trying to put data into a graph register which is not available

Issue the command 'memo mxstor xxxx' then issue the command 'numreg xx' to set the memory space required to hold the data you which to graph.

The command numreg sets the number of columns you wish to use in the graph registers. The number of rows is mxstor/numreg.

Note: You must issue the greset command before you can change numreg

Micha July 11, 2003 09:15

exacter problem describtion
Hello, I think I should once again describe my problem more exactly. I tried to use the advices of Pauli, but that doesn't help.

As said I want to plot temperature at a special vertex over time using the data in my pstt-file.

Therefore I first defined a sensor at this vertex. Then, I used the following commands to load the wished data into the graph registers:




You can see in the output file, that Prostar loads well the first, lets say three time steps. But then it produces the mentioned warning for all other time steps.

In the graph registers, you can find the following data now:

1.graph register, 1.row: Vertex number of the sensor-vertex

2.graph register, 1.-n. row: Iteration numbers

3.graph register, 1.-n. row: Timesteps

4.graph register, heading: T for vertex number, 1.row: correct value for the first time step, 2.-n. row: there is written "non" !!????

5.+6.+7.: heading also T, 1.row: 0 and nothing else.

Where does the value (=0) in register 5+6+7 come from? It seems to me that Prostar tries to load some more value than just the temperature I want to get.

Would be great if someone can help.

Cheers Micha

Anton Lyaskin July 11, 2003 11:27

Re: exacter problem describtion
Which version of ProSTAR do you use? This is a bug and it first appeared in v.3.10b - the system tries to put data for each time step into the next graph register, not into the next position in the same register. I think there is a patch correcting it, you should contact technical support and ask to send it (at least for me they did it).

Micha July 11, 2003 11:29

Re: exacter problem describtion
Hello Anton, thanks for this advice, I'll contact support. Have a nice weekend. Micha

Micha July 30, 2003 12:29

Re: exacter problem describtion
It was indeed the version of STARCD which had a Bug....

bubuchacha March 20, 2013 05:17

Hi Micha, im am currently trying to plot a graph temperature vs time step. Can you guide me how to plot the graph? Im using FLUENT Ansys

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