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Lee July 11, 2003 04:57

Can this warning influence the results?
when I finished running a model (the boundary in inflow region is a stagnation boundary, the boundary in outflow region are several pressure boundary),I found one warning message at the first some iterations: *** WARNING #061 *** RATIO OF STAGNATION PRESSURE AND STATIC PRESSURE AT REGION 1 CELL *** LESS THEN 1. TEMPORARILY SET TO 1.

And when I checked the solution,I doubted the results are correct,but I was not sure that.

So is there anyone who can tell me whether the above warning messages would influence the results?

Thanks a lot for your kind help!


John L July 11, 2003 06:40

Re: Can this warning influence the results?
Since this message only appears at the start of your calculation (which is quite normal as the flow inside tries to adjust), it will definitely NOT affect your results.

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