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Joern Beilke August 18, 2003 15:40

mass flux averaged pressure
Does anybody knows an arbitrary way to calculate mass flux averaged quantities over curved boundary regions in prostar using a macro.

It is easy for a planar region since I can automatically define a local coordinate system but I don't how to do it for a curved region.

steve August 19, 2003 21:17

Re: mass flux averaged pressure
I'm not positive off-hand if either of these ideas work but maybe

1)Can you define a cylindrical or spherical local coord system and get the quantities, or if its a completely general surface

2)create shells defining the surface and then smap your quantities to the shells.

Joern Beilke August 20, 2003 04:29

Re: mass flux averaged pressure
Both methods are not straightforward if the macro should run for all possible cases without modification and prior knowledge about coordinate systems and available shells.

Even if I have the shells I'm not sure how to proceed. How do I get the normal velocity/flux onto the shells? (I converted some of the getv-created shells into another cell type, but thery are still wall-shells)

Is it possible to add something like "getb,flux" or "getb,snorm" ? It would make it very easy to do the averaging.

In the meantime we will probably use the velocity magnitude instead of the normal velocity if the error is not too big. I have to check it.

zhang November 28, 2003 22:05

Re: mass flux averaged pressure
maybe posdat.f will be work well

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