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Ashish August 21, 2003 20:19

Post Processing difficulties
While post-processing my results, I use 3 options from the Star-Guide. Namely, 1) Cell Plot with smoothing OFF 2) Cell plot with smoothing ON 3) Cell and Wall/Bound (smooth).

While running the simulation, I continuosly monitor the .run and .info file to make sure it converges. After the solution converges, I tried to post-process the results using the above 3 options. I also observed the output window to see what is happening. For options (2) and (3), the cell data is converted into a vertex data by interpolation and hence I should get smooth plots. The output window does not show any warnings.

When I plot the results using option (3), I observed that the plot is totally different from the plot obtained by option (1) and (2). After closely observing the values, I found out that it is combining the range from 2 different registers. For eg. Value of temp ranges from: 293K - 663K Value of Pressure ranges from: 1.0E+5 - 3.36E+5

The temperature plot I get with option (3) shows a local min of "293" and local maximum of "0.336E+6".

This is not only the case with option (3), but sometimes, option (1) and (2) also give erroneous plots, while option (3) gives a correct plot. One of the plotting option always gives 'correct' results. By 'correct' I mean results which give a normal range for quantities, i.e (Mach number from 0-2, Temp from 293-663K, etc)

I am following this procedure for some time now, and never had this problem before. Is there something wrong in the .pst file, or the interpolation, or my solution itself? Please let me know if you need any more information from me (i.e. the .echo, .run, .info etc).

Please reply as soon as possible. Thank you for your help,

Regards, Ashish.

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