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Lee September 2, 2003 07:44

How to get the transient data ?
I finished the computation of one transient flow model,I want to get some data which from some points of the flow field,however,those points don't lie at the centroids of some cells,neither at some vertices.I tried to create some sensor points to get those data,but I found it is very difficult to get the transient data which are included in many time steps.

So how can I get those transient data of those points which are not at the cell centroids and not at the vertices?

Thank you very much for your help!


cjtune September 8, 2003 03:54

Re: How to get the transient data ?
You can define vertices to act as 'probe points' to get interpolated data at any point in the domain volume covered by cells. Just promote them to be 'sensors' using the SENS command (SENS ADD, SENS SCAN, etc.). See F1 help for more info.

I suppose you can go about this by creating those vertices first, SENS ADD them, and then load each transient step sequentially via a loop using STOR and GETV (or GETC and then CAVE ALL), and then save it to register using GVAL.


v 101 1 0 0 v 102 1.1 0 0 v 103 1.2 0 0 sens add 101 103 1

*set itr 999 *set coun 0 1 trlo,,, *defi noex store itst itr getv all P sens scan all gval next,,sens,pst4 *end *loop 1 itr

Well, something like that but try it out first to see whether it really gives you what you need. Vertex scalars are stored in post register 4, and make sure you define FIRST the number of graph registers you need using NUMR before you start!

cjtune September 8, 2003 03:57

Re: How to get the transient data ?
hmmm, the newlines' messed-up. Anyway it should be STOR ITST COUN rather than STOR ITST ITR.

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