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carno September 18, 2003 10:00

CHT issue
Hi All, How to put interface between two solid cell types in case of conjugate heat transfer problem? Wall can not be put since it is does not get applied. How to simulate temperature profiles in two solid discs rubbing each other. We know heat flux at rubbing surfaces. Help requested. Thanks.

4xF September 20, 2003 09:27

Re: CHT issue
1) You can define a wall at the frontier between solid and fluid cells. The only restriction is that the wall has to be conductive (no heat or imposed T is allowed). If you knew the heat flux or the temperature, you would not have to solve for CHT...

2) IF you want to impose a heat flux at a wall between 2 rubbing discs, the corresponding mesh parts for disc 1 & 2 have to be disconnected. If so, the discs are separated and boundary conditions have to be applied at their rubbing surface. A wall with imposed HF will do....

allan September 22, 2003 15:30

Re: CHT issue
I've used baffles with a different velocity on either side of them. It gave reasonable results. It may be too simplistic for your case though.


carno September 23, 2003 01:30

Re: CHT issue
Thanks for valuable inputs.

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