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Mahbub October 10, 2003 00:51

fine mesh ==> coarse mesh
How can I turn the fine mesh into coarse mesh (i. e. I refined some cells by mistake)?

Pauli October 10, 2003 12:12

Re: fine mesh ==> coarse mesh
If you refined with the cmrefine command, and you have the appropriate casename.refi file, you can use cmunrefine.

If you used crefine, their is no "undo" option. Assuming you haven't done a save, you can resume your original model file.

allan October 10, 2003 14:09

Re: fine mesh ==> coarse mesh
you also use the command crse, but make sure that you the gid you coursen can be coursened by 2x2x2


Mahbub October 11, 2003 01:19

Re: fine mesh ==> coarse mesh

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