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Juliet November 27, 2003 00:58

Hi! I am solving a problem involving mass and enthalpy source term (sorsca.f, sorent.f,fluinj.f) but I always got the warning like this *** WARNING # 532 *** SORMOM ACTIVATED BUT NOT USED *** WARNING # 529 *** SCALFN ACTIVATED BUT NOT USED

I check my model repeatedly, really I didn't activity the momentum or other subroutine. does anybody can explain it or tell what problem is? I will feel very grateful. thanks Juliet

alex November 27, 2003 07:14

Re: subroutine
You are half way there, in that you have activated the subroutine in prostar, however you now need to compile the coding into your executable. You need to have a subdirectory called "ufile", which should contain sormom.f etc.. When you run "starlink", answer "y" when it asks if you have any user coding.

Juliet November 27, 2003 19:52

Re: subroutine

Thank you alex. in fact i just need activity the mass and enthalpy source term. i know the step of doing that. and i make the subroutine of sorsca.f, fluinj.f,sorent.f. according to the step that you mentioned , but for my calculation i needn't modify momentum equation, so i didn't activity the momementum source term or other subroutine. i wonder why i got this message from star when i calculated. maybe after i activity mass and enthalpy, the momentum should be activity. but i really don't need it. i once use this subroutine to other model,but didn't appear this warning, why? help!

thanks lots

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