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CMB December 1, 2003 09:06

cell to cell relation

I made this matching list between 2 sets of cells. These sets are separated from one another but still are related by matching pairs, say cell is from set 1, set12(is,1), has only one matching pair cell at set 2, set12(is,2). That is for each of the cells in set 1 there is one cell in set two that matches with it. I created a list from ICLMAP cell numbers in POSDAT but now I would like to use it in other subroutines, like in fluinj or sorsca. The problem is that these cell numbers have no meaning because iclmap cannot be called from this subroutines. How can I establish a relationship on a cell to cell basis, rather than with an ICTID to ICTID relation?. I appreciate any help, many thanks

roadracer December 4, 2003 04:05

Re: cell to cell relation
Hi. you have to create a correspondance map in posdat and store it in a common block. In this way the correspondance map is accessible to any subroutine that includes that common block. Roadracer

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