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carno December 30, 2003 05:14

transient problem
Hi All, I am facing one problem in doing transient analysis. The run is coming out after the pstt file reaches 2GB size. Has anybody faced such problem before. I am running on win2000 machine with 3GB ram. I have seen files having sizes 12GB created by ANSYS on another win2000 machine.

Please help

TomK December 30, 2003 17:06

Re: transient problem
The way that I have solved this problem before is to run the transient for the number of timesteps to reach a file size that I want. After each run, I look at it to assure it is progressing the way I expect, then rename it using the time step numbers and then restart the transient from the .pst file. I then needed to break them up smaller for archiving, so I used the utility that is in PROSTAR for that.


azmir January 4, 2004 03:33

Re: transient problem
Hello TomK!

Relating to your note on restarting the transient from .pst file, can u help me trouble-shoot why I get error msg "cannot open <filename>.exe" and "illegal record read attempt..".

What I did was simply merged the previous .pst (in ProHPC) and then used this .pst file for a standard restart by submitting my job in ProHPC. I hope u could help... urgently.

Alexander January 4, 2004 18:33

Re: transient problem
I had also faced the problem you described. The solution is to rename the file .pstt (for example star_1.pstt) not stopping the run process before the .psst file reaches 2Gb size. You can do it on your mashine using task management in WIN2000.

TomK January 5, 2004 12:24

Re: transient problem
The problem may be caused by merging the .pst files if you removed them also. They must be present on each node that you are running. There is an option in prohpc to split them again.

azmir January 7, 2004 09:11

Re: transient problem
yes! exactly what i just found 30mins ago! Wish i had known this sooner. Wouldn't have to re-run the transient all over from time 0. But, thanks!

azmir January 7, 2004 23:31

Re: transient problem
Hello TomK!

If u don't mind, I got another problem with transient. I managed to restart successfully but when the run was done/aborted, I couldn't merge the .pstt files. I got error msg but zero msg in mergepstt.out. I also got a core dump. Do I need .ndt, .bshl, .geom, .prob files in each local sub-dir (ProHPC) as well? I had deleted those files before attempted the merge because not enough disk space. If not, what could be the problem? (Sorry had to raise this question here. Couldn't get technical support elsewhere).

kevin January 16, 2004 14:46

Re: transient problem

there are two problems here for star and one for prostar

1) the Absoft Fortran compiler did not support file sizes larger than 2GB until v7.5a. Note that 7.5a is v7.5 with patches applied from Absoft. If you have a version of star that was built with an older version of the Absoft compiler or is linked with an older version of the Absoft compiler, you will have the 2GB limit. Check the documentation of your STAR-CD installation. If it was built using Absoft v7.5a, it will indicate that the requirement is v7.5a in the system requirements.

2) the MKS Platform Components used by prostar is v8.1p1. This version of MKS has a 2GB file limit. Only the latest version of the MKS software (v8.6) will support file sizes larger than 2GB.

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