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Kaokanya January 5, 2004 13:23

Data size limit
Hi! I couldn't run my job due to a problem with data size limit. Here's the warming message. "9434:./star-sofcc.exe: /sbin/loader: Fatal Error: Program datasize exceeds process datasize limit." I've tried running prosize and resizing my parameters for the param.prp file but still have the same warning message. By the way, the size of an executable star-sofcc.exe is 217.695 MB. I'm just wondering to what limit it should be. Thank you!

steve January 5, 2004 14:05

Re: Data size limit
Its not a STAR or Prostar limit - its a problem with your environment. You need to have your system administrator raise the datasize limit either of the whole system or maybe just your specific account. If you type the "limit" command (its a unix command - not a prostar command), you will probably see that your allowed "datasize" simply is not big enough. You might try typing

limit datasize unlimit

to see if you can affect it yourself. If not you need to talk to the sysadmin.

Steve January 6, 2004 09:32

Re: Data size limit
Also be aware that if you are running on an HP, there is a configurable kernel parameter that controls the maximum datasize of ANY process. Increasing that requires "sam" and a reboot.

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