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Frederik February 13, 2004 05:34


after running a computation with heat transfer with constant molecular properties, I want to switch to user coded properties. When I try to restart now, the message is: *** ERROR #210 *** INSUFFICIENT DIMENSIONS FOR THE MOLECULAR VISCOSITY ARRAY.INCREASE PARAMETER NCMAXV OR NBMAXV AND RECOMPILE.

Using the command MEMORY shows, that there are no such parameters.

Any hints are welcome - Frederik!

Frederik February 13, 2004 05:45

Re: parameter NCMAXV OR NBMAXV
So I found that the parameters are listed in the file. After changing it successively to a number that is far above the number of my model's cells, the error still prevails. Still, any hints welcome ...

Richard February 13, 2004 08:28

Re: parameter NCMAXV OR NBMAXV
You should re-write your geometry and problem files. If there is now a file called, move it to Then do starlink again (on UNIX) or just rerun STAR (on Windows).

Frederik February 16, 2004 07:52

Re: parameter NCMAXV OR NBMAXV
Thank you for your answer, I tried your suggestion. There was no file written. By the way, everything works if cp (SPECHT.F) is user coded, but fails with conductivity (CONDUC.F) and viscosity (VISMOL.F). I also manually changed the values for N(C/B)MAXV in to something 10times the number of my cells. This doesn't work either. Is there any documentation on such issues (parameters and sizing) availlable?

Richard February 16, 2004 09:48

Re: parameter NCMAXV OR NBMAXV
You shouldn't have to edit the file by hand, so there's no documentation on these parameters. They should be invisible to you. If you have tried what I suggested in my last posting and it does not work, you've probably found a bug. Contact STAR support.

Steve February 16, 2004 10:44

Re: parameter NCMAXV OR NBMAXV
If version 3.2 ever gets released, these problems should be a thing of the past. February 17, 2004 23:42

Re: parameter NCMAXV OR NBMAXV

lxyz February 21, 2004 06:32

Re: parameter NCMAXV OR NBMAXV
Edit your file to set NCMAXV=NCMAX and NBMAXV=NBMAX. If your heat conductivity option is not selected as constant, you may need to set NCTMXC=NCTMAX ans NBTMXC=NBMAX as well.

Good luck !

Frederik February 23, 2004 09:28

Re: parameter NCMAXV OR NBMAXV
I did all of this, it doesn't work :( I have the impression that the error message itself is misleading.

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