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Bo Jensen February 25, 2004 08:47

Problems with tut 7-3
Hallo All

I try to do tut 7-3. I have used the prep.inp to generate the geometry and simulation set-up. Then I exit Prostar (win2000 machine) and the I run the simulation. However, it seems to halt at a point. In the DOS prompt I have the following:

*** Geometrical calcualations started *** Geometrical calcualtions completed *** End og evnt file reached: no more special mesh operations, except for "change grid" *** Executing promove.bat

And then nothing happens - I have now waited for 30 min or so...

Anyone got an idea??


Jörn Beilke February 25, 2004 18:01

Re: Problems with tut 7-3
How many starsuites do you have? CD was very "nice" to us when they changed their licensing. If you want to run moving mesh with prostar you need two starsuites, because star and prostar run at the same time.

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