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isidro March 3, 2004 12:32

.run file

how can you set the '.run' file to give you the passive scalar (concentration) values. Every time I run my model the .run file has a field for all the passive scalars I've defined but every itteration it assign them '0' values (well 0.000000e00, something like that), but this is not true, when I plot them everyone has a different value in every cell. My guess is that it may be linked with the way I define the scalars, for example to define 'x' passive scalar I would use:'sc,#,defi,passive,ufef $X $sc,#,off'. This is how the star guide tells us to define them, but you dont get any information out of them at the .run file. Is there something you need to define to obtain this values at the run file, or is it nessesary to create your own information file for your passive scalars?

kind regards, isidro

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