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Jane March 3, 2004 22:09

monitoring cell
Dear everyone!

when i calculate some problem , as you know, we must set a monitoring cell where we want to see the change of value, and we can see the values of monitoring cell in run file. but it is strange, in the post course if i just put the monitoring cell in cset. then the value showed in contour plot is same as value showed in run file( for example temperature), but if i put many cell including the monitoring cell in the cset, and see the contour plot of temperature in these cell. it is showed value of the monitoring cell is very diffirent from it is in run file. why ? and what is the reference cell used to?

thank you

best regards


John March 4, 2004 07:42

Re: monitoring cell
It should be the same - can you use PCRO command in prostar and then click on the cell you are interested in and it should print out the exact value for you.

Jane March 4, 2004 22:01

Re: monitoring cell
thank you, Jone!

i got it


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