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Julie Polyakh March 10, 2004 11:22


Please explain to me how do you understand the meaning of the following: "to associate the chemical scheme with the fluid material"



Richard March 10, 2004 11:41

Re: Combustion
In order to specify your problem completely, you have to say that reaction scheme X takes place in fluid stream (material) Y. You might have more materials than reaction schemes, so it's not obvious to STAR which reaction scheme belongs with which fluid stream. It's part of your problem specification. This is done with the chscheme command or in Liquids & Gases -> Chemical Scheme.

Sudhahar March 13, 2004 00:48

Re: Combustion
For this problem if u are using Starguide means, go to Modules-->Chemical and define the chemical scheme.If u wnat to annex any user equations u give the equations in Define scheme.

Then to tell the software this chemical scheme is associated with fluid, go to the Thermophysical Models and properties folder-->Liquids and gases--> Chemical Scheme--> Associated with. If u proceed the same steps u will be able to finish ur problem.

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