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Ashish Joshi March 18, 2004 14:08

Post processing
Hello Star-CD users! I am having this problem since some time now and I also posted a message last year, but unfortunately, nobody replied .. :)

Anyways, the problem is, I get a totally different plot when I do a: 1)cell plot with smoothing off 2)cell plot with smoothing on 3)cell and wall bound plot

When I plot mach number, I get values in between 0-2 for option (1), 0-663 for option (2)!, and 0-1.013E5 for option(3). Coincidently, 663 is my max temp, and 1.013E5 is my max pressure! Now I also checked the registers, and they do show these values ...

Something is strange! I plot this using an older windows version, and it plots perfectly fine ... any idea whats the suspense? ;)

Please reply, thanks in advance Ashish

nikhil March 22, 2004 00:42

Re: Post processing
You can check. If you are doing 'cave cset' or 'cave all' (smoothing). These two commands will give different results, if you want to plot for some part of mesh (your cset), but results should be same if cset contains all cells. By star guide smooth option 'on'. 'cave all' will be done. I don't understand your third point.

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