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Jane April 27, 2004 22:18

how to parallel computation
hi experts now we get new four star-cd license and four computer, it is said from star-cd company we can make parallel computation , is anybody can tell me about parallel computation? how can i make connection between computers? is it same as general internet connection? if must install star-cd in every computer? how can i set evironment variables in linux, is it same as genenral setting ?

thank you Jane

F.K. April 28, 2004 02:50

Re: how to parallel computation
1. Use a switch (Gigabit) for connection 2. No you must install it only on node 1 3. Variables are set like all other programs under linux

john April 28, 2004 06:11

Re: how to parallel computation
You should have starCD HPC license for 4 CPU. It is a single license. Otherwise no use.

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