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Peter June 8, 2004 11:11

Hello, I am meshing with proam. I am starting with a shell grid including different properties (types). How can I map these properties on the proam volume mesh and change them into boundary conditions. I have seen an option in esuhood- but I don't know how to perform without.

Probably it would be enough to me, to generate a new live surf and change these into boundaries. But how can I do this transfer into a boundary region?

Thanks Peter

Jörn Beilke June 9, 2004 16:09

Re: boundaries
You should probably run some of the Star-CD tutorials or read the manual how to place boundary regions.

Look at the commands "bfin" , "bcro" and "bzone"

If you have some shells on the surface of the mesh and you want to create a boundary region (z.B. Nr.: 3) from these shells you have to plot the on the screen and do a "bzone 3 all"

Peter June 14, 2004 02:58

Re: boundaries

thank you. But my problem is a bit different: The shells I've used to create my volume mesh are different to the surface of the volume mesh, because I allowed finer grids in Proam. With bzone and bcro it is for different reasons now very uncomfortable to define the boundaries. So I want to map the shells, which I've imported in Proam and which have the zones I am needing as boundaries, on the surface of the volume mesh and define the mapped ones as boundaries.

sven June 17, 2004 16:14

Re: boundaries
Use "bshell".

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