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Christos Sfyris June 15, 2004 20:01

Train Simulation Entering A tunnel.
Hi Everybody!

One more time I would like some advice about a problem occured in Star-CD. I have tried to simulate a train entering a tunnel using the Star-CD. Currently there are some problems especially with the creation of the mesh and the simulation of that. I have a couple question if anyone of you might know (Hopefully yes!).

1) Is there any other (easier) way to simulate the train entering a tunnel without having to create "blocks" that will slide relative to each other? Because, it would be easy to do it in a 2D mesh but extremely complicated to perform that in a 3D enviroment.. ( different subroutines, different and more precise meshes)

2) Is it possible to create multiple "static models" ( many different meshes with the train in different positions, just before entering, when it enters and after it has enter) and then compile all the data together to produce an overall result of the simulations? (when the train and the tunnel will be "static" the only parameter that is going to change will be the air flow coming from inside the tunnel in close distance from the front of the train)

Any suggestions, comments or just simple ideas are more than welcome!

Currently I have looked similar cases, but none of them was created (only) in Star-CD. It would be better if I create a 3D simulation rather than a 2D. This would be a MSc disertation and I must use star-cd. If more informations are required (such as blockage ratios or dimensions or speed of the train) are needed please contact me.

Thanks in advance.



F.K. June 16, 2004 03:13

Re: Train Simulation Entering A tunnel.
In reference to your questions

1. No, there isn't another possibility

2. No, you can't use multiple static models. This approach doesn't consider transient effects.

b.g. F.K.

Birute June 16, 2004 11:12

Re: Train Simulation Entering A tunnel.
At first try to make 2D model. Start with the simplest case to understand how the sliding mesh works. First step - tutorial 11 in STAR-CD. The other cases can help you with some ideas how to set the model, even they are performed using other codes. In this case you will need to make 3D model, because you will have effects on all sides of the train. The final model should be 3D train entering tunel, transient case.

Good luck!

Christos Sfyris June 16, 2004 20:26

Re: Train Simulation Entering A tunnel.
I have already started building the 2D model in low detail, lets see how this is going to turn up and then i will try the more complicated 3D one..

Thanks for all your help and suggestions! I will post more questions if I have, thanks again!

Regards Christos

John Luo June 17, 2004 05:04

Re: Train Simulation Entering A tunnel.
There is a way to avoid using cell layer removal and addition. Taking the example of tutorial 11, if you can have very fine mesh at the rear side of train and relative coarse mesh at the front side of train, then when the train moves, you just adjust the mesh by mesh movement.

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sheikh nasir January 30, 2012 02:24

i am also trying to apply 2D sliding mesh technique to train moving in tunnel , but not able to do it . can any body help me plz:confused:

sheikh nasir February 6, 2012 08:02

sliding mesh
hello , can any body help me in sliding mesh used in train traveling in tunnel. my email is
with regards

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