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thomas June 17, 2004 03:53

Graphic Board
Hi Folks,

I am running STAR-CD on a 4-node Linux-Cluster. For pre- and post-processing I am using a P4-1.4Ghz PC with 1.3GB Ram and a 32MByte NVIDEA2 graphic-board. The performance for post-processing is the key issue for this pc. Please tell me your opinion, if I should update my graphic board or if it is better to switch to a complete new system.

Thanks for your contribution


steve June 17, 2004 16:34

Re: Graphic Board
My gut feeling is that you won't get too much more performance out of a better graphics board. They can only plot as fast as they can be fed and a 1.4Ghz machine (with probably not the worlds fastest memory and memory bus) will not not be able to feed a board to reach its max.

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