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Ben June 29, 2004 14:59

Inflow at Outflow error message
Hello all.

I have built a simple rotating mesh. It is a cylindrical pipe, rotating about an axis parallell to its axis and offset by about 7 millimeters. The pipe is 30 mm long and 5 mm in dia.

I keep getting this error message that says something about inflow detected as some outflow boundaries where mass fluxes have been forced to zero. I think I understand what it means, but I don't know what might be causing this. I have been through the model several times. Can anyone help?


4xF June 30, 2004 07:53

Re: Inflow at Outflow error message
Just to remind you that an outlet boundary is what it means: the flow is going out and is not allowed to come from the boundary inside the computational domain. If, by chance, you do not have any kind of back flow in the vicinity of that boundary, you'll be fine. If yes, then you will get this warning in the .info file and you may need to change the type of boundary condition (for example of pressure type) or put the outlet boundary further downstream (which means more cells and hence higher run times).

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