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isidro July 5, 2004 13:31

reflecting the geometry
Hi; when you have a simmetry plane on the left hand side of a model, how can you reflect the geometry and the results? The macro on adapco online shows how to do it from left to right (positive z direction) with 'cgen' and then the same thing with 'dgen'. I try changing the the direction for a negative value, that is "CGEN,2,VOFF,CSET,,,VREF,1,3" with "CGEN,-2,VOFF,CSET,,,VREF,1,3", or even tried 1 and 3 but it did'nt work, it seems to be creating a second array of cells in the same location as the original one! Does this mean I have to repeat my geometry? Many thanks. Isidro

4xF July 5, 2004 14:01

Re: reflecting the geometry
Did you also create a new set of vertices (which will be mirrored with the offset VOFF) *before* using the command CGEN? As you create new cells, you need also to create new vertices...

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