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Arnab July 23, 2004 14:39

queries of star-CD on windows machines
I have 2 queries regarding the windows version of star-CD. My queries are regarding ASI (Arbritary Sliding mesh) They are:: For using ASI , I need to make some changes in prosize window. But I am not able to do it.

The query is that in tutorial it is mentioned to write a seperate file for changing geometry called crid.cgrd in prostar's own built in editor but i dont know how to go about finding where the prostar's built in editor is (in window's machine) and also how to write and run the file for my simulation in windows.

The other query is that, i need to type in command 'pmovlink' & n &xm &.. to create a new problem size file keeping the older version of param file too. But I am not able to run those commands on my prostar output window. without which i cant run ASI method. Also i need some tutorials of sliding and moving mesh on windows machine so that I get used to it.

Also how to run a simulation in windows machine in batch mode?

I will be waiting for your answers so that I can go ahead and continue with the ASI method.

Thanks in advance,

Jmjan July 24, 2004 03:34

Re: queries of star-CD on windows machines
You can use "Notepad" to edit the change grid file . And save as "crid.cgrd" .

kevin July 27, 2004 15:21

Re: queries of star-CD on windows machines
what problems are you having with prosize? You can't edit values in the GUI?

check File->Edit File in prostar for the built in editor

no need to do a pmovlink in windows, just use the solve menu in the launch bar

dimene April 6, 2011 10:13

prosize problem with vista
i have to generate a file with prodesign for using on prostar and i use vista en my pc ! and now i can not solve my meshing for generating a good file!!!!!!!!:mad:

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