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bk July 28, 2004 21:02

Compile message for user subroutine???
I met the following message after compilation. In last line, "Input or output error (EIO)" ... What does this mean? I doubt my results due to this message.

Who let me know the reasons?


Preprocessing STARFLOAT for user coding sorent.f This temporarily moves the original file to starproc.sed

fr.exe -N20 -f -v -N26 -N3 -N25 -O "sorent.f" -o "C:\DOCUME~1\bkoh\LOCALS~1\Tem p\" FORTRAN 77 Compiler 5.0, Copyright (c) 1987-2000, Absoft Corp.

sorent.f: Parsing sorent : 85

Generating Intermediate Code : 83 ibe.exe -N31 -N104 -N2 -N101 +N19 -O -o "sorent.obj" -i "C:\DOCUME~1\bkoh\LOCALS ~1\Temp\" del C:\DOCUME~1\bkoh\LOCALS~1\Temp\ === f77 -f -v -N26 -N3 -N25 -Q101 +Q19 -O starin.obj star_main.obj formula.obj ufile /sorent.obj dummy_sp.obj cdlmgrc.lib libstar.a libusr.a libamgdum.a libgtpd.a vms.lib unix.lib wsock32.lib advapi32.lib -aliases:unicode.als -o star.exe lnk.exe "@star.amh" c:/progra~1/cd-ada~1/star-c~1/wingnu/bin/mv: preserving times for sorent.f: Input or output error (EIO)


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