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Arnab August 4, 2004 13:48

Moving Mesh PROBLEM

what is correct?

Can we run moving mesh simulations in windows???

Or do we need to install fortran compiler to run moving mesh in windows?

Is just the Exceed enviroment sufficient for running moving mesh problem?


Jörn Beilke August 4, 2004 14:48

Re: Moving Mesh PROBLEM
Your problem is, that you are using a platform, which nobody uses for serious work. So there are just a few people using star on windows.

If you use prostar commands you should be able to live without the compiler. If you use the newxyz.f subroutine than you need the compiler. But I don't know, if it works at all.

If you want to get help from the community you should use the linux version.

carno August 5, 2004 02:02

Re: Moving Mesh PROBLEM
Anyways u have to have fortran compiler installed on windows to run moving mesh problems. I have solved moving mesh problem on windows a year back. It works.

HVN August 5, 2004 02:49

Re: Moving Mesh PROBLEM
I confirme that you could perform moving mesh simulations with Windows. If you are not sure about this answer, contact a CD office and ask them.


wak August 6, 2004 04:22

Re: Moving Mesh PROBLEM

wak August 6, 2004 04:28

Re: Moving Mesh PROBLEM

What windows you using..should be no problem if youre using XP pro,or Me or even Win 2000..

But if user subroutine used in your analysis, then you need to use fortran as a compiler.

Ever use these subroutine ? >> uparm.f or newxyz.f

steve August 9, 2004 10:13

Re: Moving Mesh PROBLEM
Star never worked on Windows ME. I am constantly amazed at how much wrong information gets put out here.

carno August 10, 2004 00:52

Re: Moving Mesh PROBLEM
may be steve right regarding windows ME, but currently I am using star on windows 2000, with flexlm. It is working fine in all respects. i have solved problem involving subroutines, and with moving mesh. So i think there is no problem in windows 2000, if there is no other option than unix or linux.

wak August 17, 2004 23:58

Re: Moving Mesh PROBLEM
I dont know that star not working with ME(good to know),but know it suit for XP pro n w2k ...

xhliu1 October 13, 2004 08:24

Re: Moving Mesh PROBLEM
Hi, Everyone! Does anybody has the fortran complier used to STAR-CD 3.15 version.

Wendy Tjia October 30, 2004 02:10

Re: Moving Mesh PROBLEM
The Fortran compiler that can be used in STAR-CD version 3.15 is Absoft Pro Fortran 8.0. Please check with your local support office regarding the licence. Because once you installed STAR-CD in your system, there should be any Fortran version to compile the file from PROSTAR.

Good luck.

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