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azmir August 5, 2004 01:00


I was trying to extract the shells from a previously-run model. The shells were visible and collected into a new cell type. All other cells were then deleted and only the extracted shells are left in the model. The file was saved with a new name and the size of the model is slightly smaller than the original model.

When I open this new model that was expected to only contain the shells, I got absolutely nothing. Help me to extract only shells into a new model.

carno August 5, 2004 01:59

Re: Shells
shells created by getw (or such) command will not get saved. You have to create shells by different method.

azmir August 5, 2004 03:47

Re: Shells
ok, any other suggestion to extract the shells?

Peter August 5, 2004 04:07

Re: Shells
try with

live, surf

this creates shells on the surface

I suppose, that this shells will be saved. Other possibility: Write a cell and vrt file of a cset containing only the shells you need

azmir August 5, 2004 05:58

Re: Shells
Thanks but didn't work. Live, surf gave the same output as my previous trial. How to write cell and vrt from these shells?

Peter August 5, 2004 08:26

Re: Shells
GUI cell tools: write cell instead of all use cset close file same in vertex tool

are you sure that you are allowed to save your mdl-file?

allan August 5, 2004 16:58

Re: Shells
you could try live surf cset news shell vset news cset cwrite case.cel cset vwrite case.vrt vset

check the notation of the cwrite and vrite commands, I'm doing this from memory


azmir August 17, 2004 00:33

Re: Shells
Allright man! This works. No corrections needed. Thank u!

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