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Sheila August 27, 2004 22:22

SST model help please!

does anyone know whether ED corresponds to e from k-e or w from k-w model in the user subroutines when using SST model?

I was told ED is output as w in such case, but my results suggest differently. And as SST is a combination model of both k-w and k-e, it is possible that the subroutines actually give outout ED as e....?

Thanks, Sheila

azmir September 6, 2004 22:34

Re: SST model help please!
Not sure but most likely w. If you don't mind, can u tell me how did u activate the SST model i.e the procedure to activate this SST model in Star?

azmir September 6, 2004 22:39

Re: SST model help please!
Nevermind, just saw the procedure in supnotes.

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