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Julie September 22, 2004 13:51

Colors problem in v3.200

I have problem displaying colors whith the new version (v3.200). There are a lot of colors that I can't see with (it shows them as white). I work on IRIX 6.5.

I just noticed the following two messages appear when I run prostar:

Using the default visual (8 bit PseudoColor)

Warning: Cannot allocate colormap entry for #85C4ED

As I wrote before when I try to open the Color tool the following message appears:

Can not allocate colors for color editor

Thanks in advance,


Brian September 23, 2004 03:40

Re: Colors problem in v3.200
Julie, it looks like you have inadequate graphics capability. 8-bit colour means only 256 colours, shared by the desktop as well as whatever applications are running.

It could be drivers, but is more likely your hardware that needs an upgrade. On the other hand, maybe some Unix guru can tell you how to squeeze more colours out of it.

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