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CMB September 30, 2004 13:00

multiply defined
Hi, do you know what this error mean : 'ufile/sorsca.o: sorsca_: multiply defined , fort: Severe: Failed while trying to link' I know it is not my programing that is causing this, I tried running it with the default sorsca.f but it still gives me this error. I would appreciate any help, Kind regards CM

Sheila September 30, 2004 16:22

Re: multiply defined
Try the following on a console window with the default sorsca.f ...

starlink -suf star <enter>

./star <enter>

where star is your case name. This is to make sure star is linking properly. Sometime starlink does'nt update if starlinked via prostar. Is this the only subroutine you are using? Check your ufile directory and remove any file with *.o extension (star should do it automatically if there is no problem in any of the *.f files).

Finally, allthough looking at the error the problem seems to be program related, all failling make sure you dont have any switches on which requires sorsca.f to be off.

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