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Sheila October 4, 2004 23:19

Variables in v3.2
Hi all,

does anyone know how the variables and common blocks differ in the new version of STAR? Does anyone have any information on this? If yes, will you please forward me this?

Thanks, Sheila

ping October 8, 2004 00:30

Re: Variables in v3.2
In the past for other major version upgrades I've cut and pasted code from the old code to new version blank usubs, then made other required changes - this ensures the new variables, common blocks etc are all in place. I have not done much v32 usubs work yet.

The release notes (a MUST READ) cover the required changes with pointers etc and the Uguide has stuff worth reading too.

If you are refering to additional common blocks which give access to other non-documented variable like reaction rates etc, then you need to contact CD for replacement common information.

Oliver Lauer October 8, 2004 08:33

Re: Variables in v3.2
One additional hint:

Look at the 3.2 in directory ufile. At the end you find all available common block informations and the necessary declarations.

Explanations of the variables you get from your local support.

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